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Hospitality Staff - Services/Duties/Responsibilities

  • Supervisors

- Watching the employees’ job performance to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed in accordance with specifications and deadlines. Responsible for seeing that the work of the staff meets established performance standards.

  • Cashiers

- Responsible for cash in and cash out duties. Counting the money, reconciling the receipts and balancing the cash drawer create an accountability of the day's transactions.

  • Waiter/Waitress

- Waiting staff serve customers by taking orders, serving food and preparing tables, dealing with bill payments, making sure tables are clean and tidy, and to make customers feel welcome and comfortable during their meal.

  • Housekeeping

- Responsible for keeping the establishment they work for clean, stocked with supplies and well-maintained. Housekeepers work in various locations. They are employed in hotels, and private homes. Their duties and responsibilities vary depending on their employer's needs. Housekeepers in hotels make beds, change linen and stock bathrooms, while housekeepers in private homes may prepare meals and run errands.

  • Kitchen Helper

-Scraping waste from dinner ware and put them in the dishwasher, peeling and washing fruits and vegetables, Collect and dispose of garbage, Maintain equipment, Keep storage areas clean, Monitor fridges, freezers and loading docks for cleanliness.

  • Commis

-Responsible in assisting the Head Chef in preparing food.

  • Steward

-Responsible in Cleaning the kitchen, washing all the utensils, collecting and disposing garbages, sorting garbage into composting and recycling items.