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Lightning Services in TPM

About Team Property Management

                The Team Property Management has been in the field of Manpower for the past 4 years. Our company is distinguished by the types of services it offers. We specialized in Hospitality Industry, as well in Construction, Electrical Services, Cleaning Services and LED rentals. We have been serving with the highest standard to several establishment and valued long-term clients in the past and up to present. We are in the service of managing whole properties such as Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Universities or Colleges, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Public Parks, Sports Club and so on, all under the Team Property Management, T.P.M.

The concept behind Team Property Management is to help customers deal with as less convenience as possible. We would like to consider ourselves part of a potential customer’s company were by their success determines ours.  We believe that the achieving our clients need, wants and demands the better. This is what we do! We make sure that all such services are provided in the most fitting way possible.

Team Property Management is an experienced company. We are located in Canada (Under Ontario registration #1621169) and now Qatar, during our existence we have been established with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Throughout the years, our company has been awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Government of Canada for providing the community with a safer place as well as a Certificate of Completion from the American as well as Canadian government for the safety of Federal Motor Carrier, Hazardous Materials Regulations as well as Hours of Service. Over years of expertise, understanding our customer’s needs is what we do best, whether located in North America, the Far East or the Middle East, we have never settle only in the quality and services provided to the customer. Our clients are the most important to us. We are convinced in keeping the clients happy, satisfied and providing them with products at a very competent price. We surely guarantee our service accordingly.

 Our staff have years of experience and experts in their fields. All our employees are well trained with programs such as WHMIS (Work Hazardous Materials Information System).